2018 Goals

Yearly goals are not something I’ve ever really put much thought towards. This year, however, I’ve decided to give it a go. I hope that it will help hold me accountable during those times when things are hectic and/or I’m just not feeling it. I feel it is important to try new things and to give it your all, so here goes.

These are sport related goals. While I most certainly have life and career goals I’ll save those for another day! One thing at a time. One day at a time 🙂

2017 Recap

This past year my running fitness was virtually non-existant. In November 2016 I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. Quite significantly, hypothyroid. It took nearly 6 months after that diagnosis to find the right level of medication to keep my thyroid levels in check.  By spring of this year I could hardly run 2 miles at a 12 min/mile pace when previously any number of miles at 9+ min/mile was ‘easy’ pace. To say I was frustrated would be an understatement.

The triathlon season went accordingly terrible. I was fine swimming and biking, but when it came to the run I was out. Sometimes literally. After completing the bike portion of Boulder Peak I collected my belongings from transition and went home! I was mentally and physically exhausted.

By the time IM Boulder 70.3 arrived in August my running confidence was shot. My running times were starting to show improvement, but not to the extent of being comfortable running an entire half marathon after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56. I decided to take it slow and just have fun with the day. I ran the first 10k without much issue but the second 10k my feet struggled. That much distance on soft, undertrained feet was a challenge. But I still finished with a smile on my face! #winning

Overall Time: 6:20 – Swim: 39:40 – Bike: 2:50 – Run: 2:42


Looking at 2018

I’ve already spent a great deal of time working on my running this offseason. I can comfortably ‘easy’ run 10+ miles at 10 min/mile pace. It’s not my fastest ever, but it’s miles ahead of where I was earlier this year. My weekly running mileage has increased to 30+ miles/week so there hasn’t been too much focus on much else.

BUT I have been unwilling to let any of my bike fitness slide, so I completed the 2017 Zwift Academy in my free time and in doing so increased my FTP, found I really enjoy biking indoors with Zwift, and found a cycling team to join. I am hoping these efforts really help me meet my 2018 goals.

2018 Schedule

June 3rd – Pigman Sprint Tri

June/July – Boulder Sunrise Olympic and/or Boulder Peak

July 29th – IM Canada 70.3

August 25th – Boulder Sunset

Sept and beyond TBA

Returning to Iowa for my favorite race, the Pigman, is really what started the discussion of goals in my head. It’s been a couple year since I participated so I decided to look at previous years for an idea of what to expect. When I pulled up 2014 results I realize… I used to be fast! In 2014 I finished 16th female, out of 216. This started a downward spiral in which I investigated previous tri times, 5k times, half marathons, etc. and took note of how year after year I gotten slower and slower, despite spending more and more time training. Ugh.

Lam said ‘Perhaps you’re past your prime honey.” Past my prime?! I’m 29! I’m no spring chicken but I’m not completely hopeless. Right then I vowed to beat my 2014 time, or to come as close to it as possible and I instantaneously started plotting what it would take to make that happen.

2014 Pigman Results

Swim: 9:00 – 1:38 min/100yards

Bike: 45:36 – 20.4 mph

Run: 25:30 – 8:09 min/mile

Overall: 1:22:561547994_4238594299645_3412296959999676329_o.jpg

Beatable, right? That’s what I thought. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. If I can do the 56 mile bike of a half ironman at nearly 20 mph, I can surely bike a faster sprint time. Swimming will be similar, transitions didn’t offer much time savings either, but that run though.  Running a 5k at sub 8 pace as part of a triathlon is something I’ve never accomplished. Ever. So? Why not now?!

2018 Pigman Goal Race Pace

Swim: 9:00 – 1:38 min/100 yards

Bike: 42:16 – 22.0 mph

Run: 24:20 – 7:50 min/mile

Overall: ~1:18

An overall time of 1:18 should solidly put me in the top 10 females at this race and would really set the tone for what I’d like to accomplish in the 2018 season. Whew. That’s enough for now. I’m getting the ‘Less talking, more working’ feeling!


Ever since Lam and I left the Midwest for the Rocky Mountains we have been talking about starting a blog. There’s always tons of stuff going on that we’d love to share with our friends and families and figure this is a great platform to do so. That being said our life is a hodge podge of our vast interests and I 100% expect that will be reflected here. I’m not great at compartmentalizing, so as the main contributor you will likely be subjected to posts on everything from hiking to triathlon to wood working. Enjoy 🙂